Student Leadership

OUR leadership positions and their respective responsibilites/roles.

Drum Major REsponsibilities

  1. Attend all band functions.

  2. Be responsible to the Director for the conduct and actions of the band at all times, and for the execution of all band duties assigned.

  3. Take charge of the band in all types of situations.

  4. Assist the Director in maintaining discipline and order.

  5. Assist the Director with marching drills, inspection, planning, and special activities.

  6. Promote band standards and pride.

  7. Coordinate, monitor and supervise leaders.

  8. Insure that all rehearsals begin on time.

BRASS/WooDWIND CAptain Responsibilities

  1. Act as a liaison between the students and director.

  2. Oversee that all section leaders are doing their jobs; be responsible for completing all duties if section leaders are absent.

  3. Assist with instrument check-out and inventory of instruments (repair and maintenance).

  4. Assist with instrument and locker assignments. Keep the instrument storage areas neat and organized.

  5. Be the last one to leave after rehearsals and performances. Make sure band room is clean and lights are turned off. The band director will dismiss you.

  6. Receive awards at competitions and festivals as the representative of the students and band.

  7. Lead by example and set high standards for yourself and in all aspects of the band program.

Drum CAptain Responsibilities

More info soon...

Colorguard CAptain Responsibilities

Guard Captain responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

All of the duties of section leaders, plus the following:

  1. Assists in teaching the marching show to the Guard.

  2. Leading Stretches and Warm-ups

  3. Starting rehearsal if the Instructor will be late due to work commitments

  4. Assisting the Staff identifying problem areas or concerns withing the show/work

  5. Be the "eyes & ears" between the other Guard Members and the Color Guard Instructor and Band Director - listen to your Guard when they have issues or questions and then talk with the Instructor if the situation calls for it.

  6. Makes sure that all rehearsal sites are clean before leaving.

  7. Is responsible for seeing that all guard equipment is put in its proper place after each rehearsal and kept in an orderly manner.

  8. Oversees the loading and unloading of all guard equipment at all band functions.

  9. Keeps a record of all issued equipment and its condition.

  10. Realize that the guard is part of the band and encourage others to realize it as well.

  11. Encourage all team members to achieve their full potential

  12. Be an example to other members of the Colorguard

Section Leader Responsibilities

The basic duties of Section Leaders include:

  1. Conduct memorization and playing checks on music.

  2. Maintain discipline and pride within the section.

  3. Rehearse section rehearsals on a regular basis.

  4. Perform at both District/County Solo & Ensemble and assist/encourage participation.

  5. Assist the Director with inspection (uniform and instrument) and marching drills as needed.

  6. Recruit new members for the section.

Librarian ReSponsibilities

The basic duties of the Librarian include:

  1. Maintain the music library.

  2. Maintain a system for collecting and distributing all music.

  3. Maintain a computer database for all our music.

  4. Track and maintain any music that is borrowed and keep a record of who has that music.

  5. Collect all music at the end of the year.

  6. Prepare parts for distribution and have the correct number of copies.